/ Black Boards Tee

Silk Screen Print On Black Organic Cotton

Dewey was smuggling pot through Malasia when his seaplane broke down on an island atoll that offered a perfect A-frame out front - the right: slow and crumbly; the left: fast and punchy. With nothing but the clothes on his back, 7 pounds of Indica and his 2 boards (a fish and a thruster) he decided to set up camp. Dewey lived the rest of his life in solitude surfing twice daily in the nude. In the morning on the left with the thruster, the afternoon on the right with the fish. Years later, the island was rediscovered by traveling surfers. The only evidence of Dewey's existence was the 2 yellowed boards crossed on the shore and makeshift flag with a pirate emblem sewn on his only black shirt. In memory of Captain Dewey, this tee is printed with white water-based ink on a true black Eco-Heather cotton tee that feels like your favorite old PE shirt. While technically a slim mens fit, the small size is a great fit for women.


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