/ Venice Nouveau Note Cards

Set Of Five 5x7 Inch Silkscreened Note Cards

Everywhere you go these days you can overhear someone complaining about how much this place or that place has changed. You should have been here in the ‘70’s it was paradise, the ‘80’s, the ‘90’s, five years ago – damn, you should have been here yesterday. The hipsters, the yuppies, the gentrification, those tech people, the real estate prices, it’s all different now. Yup, the times they are a changing, and with that change comes the dreaded newcomer. As the great American spiritual teacher Ram Dass wrote, “BE HERE NOW.” If you find that focusing your energy on the present is too difficult, you can blame any one of these five archetypes for everything that’s wrong with where you live today. This limited run of 50 5x7" cards was printed 2-color silkscreen on a recycled Kraft French Paper stock. The set of 5 cards comes with matching French Paper envelopes. Words by Danny DiMauro, art by Ty Williams.


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